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For updates from the SEEDLingS researchers, please see the Bergelson Lab website.

What is SEEDLingS?

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Project Summary

The Study of Environmental Effects on Developing Linguistic Skills (SEEDLingS) is an initiative to explain how infants' early linguistic and environmental input plays a role in their learning. We focus on understanding how babies learn words between 6-to 18-months old from the visual, social, and linguistic world around them. By looking at the complex environment that babies are exposed to, from their perspective, we can attempt to decode how the developing mind interprets and organizes the objects and words it faces. SEEDLingS is unique in that it combines well-controlled studies in the lab that assess what words infants know, with in-the-home audio and video recordings of what words infants hear, and what they see when they hear these words.

Research Methods

We use several methods to study infant behavior and language processing: eye tracking, voice recordings, video recordings, computational methods etc.

What is involved for parents?

Our research staff schedules times for both at-home and in-lab sessions with the parents. No equipment is required from parents and they will be paid for their child's participation.