For interested parents and families

We would love to have you and your child participate! Duke CHILD Studies welcomes volunteers from infancy through childhood. If interested, please contact Robin Dunn, Recruiting Coordinator.
Call: 919-660-5793
Text: 919-251-6017

See the Duke CHILD Studies website for more information.

For participating families

If you are signed up for a study in our lab and have any questions about the study you are participating in, you can contact us directly:
Call: 919-684-9429

For interested students

The Bergelson Lab is always happy to hear from interested potential research assistants, graduate students, and postdocs.

Duke undergraduates interested in becoming research assistants should see position openings posted on Duke MUSER or DukeList, or may contact Lab Manager Hallie Garrison at

Prospective graduate students or postdocs can contact Dr. Bergelson at See here for more information about Duke's graduate psychology program.