Bergelson Lab

Duke CHILD Studies

The Bergelson Lab (aka BLAB) is a part of the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University.

The lab moved to Duke in 2016 from the University of Rochester, where we finished data collection in July 2016 for a longitudinal study called SEEDLingS (Study of Environmental Effects on Developing Linguistic Skills). You can read more about that work here.

Recent News

Paper Accepted

  • 5/08/17
Congratulations to our post-doc, Catherine Laing, who recently had a paper accepted to the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology: A perceptual advantage for onomatopoeia in early word learning: Evidence from eye-tracking

Grant award

  • 5/01/17
Congratulations to our graduate student, Charlotte Moore, who was recently awarded an SSHRC Doctoral fellowship!

Paper accepted

  • 5/01/17
Coming soon: "Young Infants’ Word Comprehension Given an Unfamiliar Talker or Altered Pronunciations" by Bergelson & Swingley, provisionally accepted at Child Development.

First Year Festival

  • 4/28/17
Congratulations to our graduate student, Charlotte Moore, who finished up a great first year at Duke with her successful presentation at the Department of Psychology & Neuroscience's first year festival!